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First things first, whether you are just around for a little bit, are interested in finding somewhere to base yourself or are just keen in dropping in to find out what church is like - you are welcome at The Rock.  This page will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have but if there is other information you would like please get in touch.



There are many different doors into a church community.  For some it will be turning up at a Sunday service, for others it is easier to connect with a smaller midweek group first, and for others it is easier to meet someone for a coffee and a chat.  Whichever door is the right one for you we want to make sure the door is open and we're ready to welcome you in!






The vast majority of people connect with us through our Sunday mornings together. Coming into a new group of people is always a bit nerve-racking, especially when you're not quite sure what to expect.  So we've answered some of the questions that people have when they are coming to join us.

What time should I turn up?

For our church services most people turn up just before 10:30.  We don't always manage to start bang on 10:30 but we will start shortly after that. There are people around from 9:30 normally so if you want to arrive a bit earlier that's not a problem.  Someone will probably come say hello to you if you are early.

What should I wear?
We're really informal, so wear whatever you would normally wear.  You'll come across folk in jeans, dresses, suits, trackies, shorts, t-shirts, shirts, biker leathers and tweed jackets. Whatever you feel comfortable in is ok with us.

What should I expect during the service?
We are informal in our structure so every service is a bit different.  Normally our services will start off with someone saying hello and giving out any notices that need to be passed on, then there'll be a bit of singing songs to worship God (generally there will be someone on the guitar or piano leading this) and then there'll be a bit of teaching (this is normally 20-40 minutes) and maybe a bit more music at the end.  
There'll also often be a time of praying for different situations together and people might share a Bible verse or something they feel God is sharing with them.  It's normal for a few different people to share different bits and pieces during the flow of the service.
Our last service each month will look a bit different.  We normal have an all age creative services there is no 'normal.' We throw the rule book out the window.  You can expect things to be creative, fun, interactive and unexpected.

Is there anything for my kids to do?
We think kids are great.  The kids stay in with us during the first part of the service and we try and gear things so that kids can join in.  While the teaching is going on the kids leave to their different groups, Rockets (preschool) and Junior Church (primary aged.) The last Sunday each month is an all age service where the kids stay in with the adults for the whole thing.

What time will the service finish?
We generally stop between 12 and 12:15.
What happens after the service?
In the mornings people hang about for a bit and have teas and coffees and a chat.  It is normal for people to hang about for 30-40mins after the service. (We're a sociable bunch!) It is also normal for people to leave straight away too.

What if I can't come on Sundays?
There are plenty of other ways to join in with us.  The house groups are probably the best place to start but you could also join with us on one of the other groups. Check out the Church Life page HERE.

Do I need to give money?
There's normally a collection taken each service. Once a month our collection goes towards various international projects.  The other services, the money goes towards the day to day running of the church and its work in the local community. Please don't feel obligated to put money in the offering.
Will I be expected to do anything?
No, we're very informal.  You'll find people engage in different ways.  If you want to sit there and just observe that's absolutely fine.  There are the odd Sunday where things are a bit more interactive but there's still the freedom to engage as much or as little as you like.

Can I Speak to Someone Before I Come?
You can connect with us HERE and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. If you're planning on coming for the first time, get in contact and we'll make sure we say hi when you arrive.










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