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The short answer is we are Rock Community Church...but that probably doesn't answer your question.  Below is some more information which will give you a better description of who we are.


There are many ways to talk about vision but vision doesn't need to be a complex idea. The vision of the Rock is simple. We want to be a community of people who give their all as followers of Jesus and welcome others into that adventure.



There are shared beliefs and values which hold us together as the people who make up Rock Community Church. However this is a tiny box and we couldn't fit it all in here. So click the link below two explore a bit more in depth.


Our Logo
We sometimes get asked about our logo and what the various images within it signify.  We have had the current logo since 2013 but the core elements of the logo have remained constant since we started as a church. There are three individual images; the rock, the river and the wild goose. All of these are part of the natural landscape in the area we live in 
and reflect the community we are part of. They do however also have a spiritual dimension to them.  The rock speaks of God the father, the solid rock on which we build our lives.  The river speaks of Jesus, the fountain of living water.  The wild goose is an ancient celtic symbol of the holy spirit. It is this triune God who is at the very heart of who we are as a church.






Rock Community Church is an independent non-denominational church. However we are part of a network of similar churches.  The Network is a cross denominational group of churches who share a similar goal and purpose.  The Network exists to encourage meaningful, Christ-centred relationships and relevant resourcing, empower churches by God’s Spirit to grow His Kingdom in Scotland, and engage with our communities to be good news in authentic and accessible ways.  You can find out more HERE.


Dumbarton Churches Together

We believe that we are all part of God's church across our many traditions.  We believe that we see something beautiful when we connect with one another across our differences.  We love being part of Dumbarton Churches Together and serving God alongside many other local churches. 

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