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About Rwanda

Annonciata's story:
I am a very old woman. I have  no children. I was born in 1934. I got married in 1959  when I was in Uganda.  I had 8 children from this marriage but they all died.  I care for grandchildren who lost their parents. It is a boy and a girl, respectively  18 years and 17.  Nevertheless, I do not have the ability of looking after them. The boy goes to school but the girl could not. Instead,  she cares for me. Later I  came  to know  about Solace  Ministries.  They help me in various ways because I am like a handicapped person. They visit me and  comfort me through our community in Jari which has become my family. I take this opportunity to appreciate the work of Solace  Ministries and  the leadership of the Solace community of Jari. They are so close to me, I was in darkness but they comforted me and  I  do not feel  lonely anymore.

Catherine's testimony:
All began in 1990 when the  war started in October.  We were harassed because of being Tutsi.   Very often stones were thrown to me saying that I was not joining their  political parties. It went on up to 1992, and this took another dimension, where by the soldiers of the former government started to rape women. I left and went to seek for refugee, when it was the 7th April 1994, I went back home, the interahamwe came and took me out took all our things, I left into the forests I was 7 months pregnant. I had also 6 children.  2 were killed with their father and we went to Kabgayi. It was on 9th  April 1994 . We  stayed  there eight days. It was not an easy thing. On the 28th April I was thrown into a pit latrine. There were  many dead bodies.  Fortunately, I was not dead and managed to come out. On the 2/6/1994 ,  Inkotanyi (RPF soldiers)  reached  Kabgayi  and they were so hurt to see us in that condition. We then moved out  to Burundi, and then later I went back to our home and found that my husband had been killed, I survived with orphans,  and now we all altogether 10  people living together.  Life is very hard but Solace is always close to us. I came to Solace and they listened to me.

Veneranda's testimony:
I am a widow because of the genocide. I had one son and who was 12 years and 2 daughters.  My son was killed with his father.  I live now with my two daughters and one boy who is an orphan who  survived . This boy suffered a lot from during the genocide. His genitals (testicles) were smashed and taken off.  His head was hit hard with a lot of damages. He is so traumatized that he refused to go to school.  I stayed with him when he was two years but now he is 19 years, Things that happened to me in 1994 were so horrible. A soldier raped me for 2 days. After he threw me outside and gave me to interahamwe who were killing people. I was beaten and fell down but I was not dead.  Other bodies piled up on me.  After the killers left I tried to move out. I realize that my arm was broken and I can’t really use it. After the genocide when we were coming back from the refugee camps, I  realized that I was pregnant from the rape. Temptation to go for abortion was there but finally I abandoned. Later, after I came to the Lord, I brought the issue to the Lord.   I found out that I was not infected and then I gave birth to a baby girl. I did not like her, but these days I love her because Solace received me and comforted me, I live with my daughter but I have no house and when this girl gets traumatized she chases me out, she asks me about her father and I feel so bad, and I tend to think that a dead person is better. I thank Solace for the great work they did for me to get back to normal.


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