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As a church we hunger to be a people who lift up Jesus with every part of our lives.  We recognise Jesus as the King of Kings and we want our times together to be about the proclaiming of that.  We therefore put value on worshipping Him.
We have a team of people who lead our worship at the Rock. Therefore the style of songs can change week to week with some of our leaders being more reflective and others more anthemic. However, they all have the same worship God.

Conversations About Worship

In the summer of 2016 a few of us had some conversations around different aspects of worship.  These were unscripted and full of interesting reflections around what it means for us to worship together as a church community.  We edited these longer conversations down into bitesized chunks so that we could use them as cataylsts for us as a whole congregation to think about our corporate worship. We originally used them as part of our services through the second half of 2016 but have made them available here for those who would like to rewatch them and think about the points raised.
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