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Genesis Seen Through Soapy Water

I gathered up the relics of breakfast. Ambled to the kitchen in a slumber and was met with a familiar sight. Dishes, bowls, knives, and forks and chopping boards. Pots and pans, all the usual suspects, with all the usual residue. I added to the pile. Thought seriously about walking, closing the door behind me and pretending I hadn’t noticed. However, I stood there held captive by a thought. Let out a sigh. Rolled up my sleeves. Ran the tap ‘til hot, added the washing up liquid and set to work.

Now, what was this thought that left me wrist deep in soapy water?

I’ll get to that.

But for now, ask yourself this, have you ever felt the force of the 2nd law of thermodynamics? The classic question. Let me explain what I mean and butcher the science I know nothing about. The 2nd law of thermodynamics suggests that over time, this thing called entropy will increase. Some have imagined this as the inevitable movement from a state of order to a state of chaos. Whether we’re really battling this law or not. We’re all pretty acquainted with a world that slowly (or if you have kids, rather quickly) from a state of order to one of chaos. Clothing wears out, the car breaks down, your body stops functioning as it ought to. All of life becomes a battle. We arm ourselves with rubber gloves and cleaning products, to do lists and Google calendars. No sooner is our back turned, looking for another inch of creation to extend dominion over, that chaos is unleashed. Subtly loosing, and marring, and unravelling, and corrupting and multiplying. You return to the sink to find more. Like the disposable villains from ‘90s computer games endlessly re-spawning. And we’re left hunched over the basin muttering under your breath ‘will soapy water ever win the day?’

We’ve only just hit February, so some of you are still reading Bible in a Year. I, myself have spent most of January journeying through Genesis. And here’s want struck me, the thought that held me, provoking me to righteous action.

Our God brings order out of chaos, and when we do the same we reflect him.

It’s simple really. our God is one who organises and when we set about that task we reflect our creator. Too often we get miss one of the key points of the early Genesis narratives: that, God, in creating our universe, is establishing order over chaos. Dictating the parameters of the chaotic waters and dividing darkness with light. Chaos loves company, the serpent enlists some pals and like that a viral chaos spreads. Six chapters in and the world is beyond repair. But God will not give up his commitment to his creation. Chaos will be harnessed to once again bringing order. As the cosmic story narrows its focus on one man, Abram. The beginnings of God’s plan to fully restore his order. Through the family of Abraham, the curse our world groans beneath will finally be lifted.

Our God brings order out of chaos, and (by his grace) does so through chaotic people. That means you and me. Every time we look to bring order out of chaos. Whether it’s washing the dishes, doing the garden, administrating, bringing stability to our neighbourhoods; we are reflecting the God of Genesis. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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