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The Prodigal Son

Rock Salt Collective, a community of artists and creatives connected to the Rock, have been exploring some of the parables Jesus told. We started with some stories that Jesus told when he was being criticised by the religious leaders for hanging out with the "bad guys" too much. Jesus tells three stories about how precious lost things which are found are. The most well known of these three stories is the story often known as "The Prodigal Son."

This is Christine's take on retelling the story.

The Prodigal Son

My father, my loving father I fear I am nothing, I am consumed with guilt My flesh is crawling, I am no one I am a worm living in the darkness Not worthy of the light, of the sun, the moon and the stars I am like rotting garbage even the pigs would not touch

Why have I come this far into the depths? What has brought me here? I am such a fool, I do not deserve your love, your compassion. I deserve to be consumed by the earth I cry out to you, Father hear my cry!

Are you listening, can you hear me afar off? Can you see what I have become? Do you think of me? Have you washed your hands of me? Can you recognise me? It is me, your son. See me in the shadows I am so ashamed I am ashamed I am ashamed of what I have become

Father, have you heard my cry? Have you have been listening to me. Have you been watching, waiting, looking to the horizon for me Did you see me coming afar off? Did you see I have chosen to correct my ways Did you see I have chosen life

Wait! I see you coming, running towards me to comfort me, to strengthen me in my weak state You draw me, you bring me back into the light No more will I experience the darkness that came to destroy me, to consume me.

You have saved me from myself You have met me at my point of need You have given me new hope, a fresh hope, a hope in myself Nothing will separate me from your love again I am made from your image I am yours, your inner being You have set me free, free from drowning in my tears, my sorrow You don't just acknowledge me, you put me first, before anything You adorn my shoulders with your robe, I feel it's comfort You put a ring upon my finger, I feel bonded to you again You show me unexpected love, I am consumed with love

I feel a lightness in my spirit, I see a light shining upon me, in me and through me The light lights up my inner being, I am overwhelmed by undeserved love I come out from the shadows into the presence of my father I feel overwhelming love, the love my father has for me I stand tall, I stand loved, I stand free I am home

This blog was brought to you by Christine Robertson. Christine is a (sometimes) retired nursery teacher. She loves to travel and spend time with her three grandchildren, Aimee, James and Rosie and her wee Australian labradoodle, Mollie.

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