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Be Still and Know That I Am God: Hidden Treasures

( Note from editor: an introduction to this series of blog posts can be found HERE.)

This is my story behind the objects I have chosen for my still life photograph. I have titled it 'Hidden Treasures: An Outward Sign of What is Within.'

The Bible. This particular copy is not too exciting to look at but full of stories, full of knowledge, compassion, excitement, mystery, and thrilling suspense. Being expectant of what's inside. Opening a treasure chest of poetry, art, landscapes; feasting on a new knowledge.

Jewels. My pearls, looking resplendent but not seeing the imperfections inside. Reminds me of God's grace. He still loves us even though we have imperfections.

Kinder Egg. Something a bit different. To me it shows excitement, like that of a child. Anticipating what is inside, unwrapping, pulling apart, excitement of seeing for the first time. Reminds me of our relationship with God, unfolding.

Cross. Something which is everlasting, forever. A reminder around our neck of Gods love and grace and compassion.

Rope. Doesn't look strong, but it gives strength. A strength from within. For me it signifies joining, making one. A coming together, as we join and pull together we are stronger. Shows me the importance of each of us, pulling together in the same direction.

The Heart. Signifying love, being together, bonding one to another. Our heart, a hidden treasure.

The Rock. Showing strength, giving security, saving us, a safe place to stand.

Candle. Gives us a focus, an icon to gather our thoughts, to pray. Hidden thoughts and prayers, powerful but also and peaceful and calming.

Photo Frame. A picture reminder of the people we love and our treasured memories. Hand in hand, strong, gripping, both rescuing and being rescued. Being saved. This is a photo of my sister in law's granddaughter Sophie's hand and her grandfather's. For me it signifies inheritance and the importance of leaving good legacies to our children and grandchildren.

This has been a new and positive experience for me. Throughout experimenting with these symbols, the song, ' I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you' has come to mind.

This blog was brought to you by Christine Robertson Christine is a team leader in a fantastic nursery within West Dunbartonshire council, having just achieved 25 years service. She is due to retire this June, so the world is her oyster! She is looking forward to looking after my three grandchildren, Aimee, James and baby Robertson due 15th August. Christine is also looking forward to retirement allow her to travel around Scotland with her wee Australian labradoodle, Mollie.

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