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He Is The Discordant Note. Part 5: Brace Yourself

This is the fifth part of a series. It may help to start with part 1 where the idea of a discordant note is explored.

Imagine you were told you had a terminal disease. Imagine you had cervical spondylosis. Imagine the nerves around your spine were being eroded away. Imagine the sensation of your nerves being pinched, the constant pain, the agony, the anguish.

Imagine that was your story. Imagine all the notes were playing that song

And then imagine you were at a conference. Imagine your neck was in a neck brace because every movement of your back sent tsunamis of pain through your body.

My friend Alan doesn’t need to imagine that. It’s his story.

Imagine you are stood there at a conference and a woman behind you says “Alan?” Imagine you do that awkward full body turn because your neck is braced in place. Imagine this woman you’ve never met before, who has no connection to you says “Alan, take off your neck brace, God says he is healing your cervical sponsdlosis.”

That’s not part of your story, that’s the discordant note. Your story is pain and terminal illness. This story is healing and wholeness. This story jars with your story. It shouldn't fit and yet it makes everything around it better.

And this woman who you’ve never met before is stood behind you and says “Alan, take off your neck brace. God says he is healing your cervical spondylosis”

And you do.

And He has.

And a better story starts to play out.

This blog post was brought to you by....Oli Higham

Oli Higham is part of the leadership team at the Rock Community Church. He finds it hard to sum himself up in a few sentences. However he loves Jesus and is also rather fond of his family, films, coffee, rugby, Arsenal FC, poetry, spray paint, beards, cooking and laughing.

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