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Diving In

There is something exhilarating about watching Guillaume Nery’s jump into the darkness. If you haven't clicked on the video yet do it now! Don't leave it until later. Go play.

I saw this video a few years ago and I still find it utterly unforgettable. It was the first time I’d ever seen anyone combine free-diving and base-jumping. I found the whole thing mesmerising. The cinematography is beautiful. The music undoubtedly adds intensity to the whole thing too. I think the thing that pulled me in though was the unknown. I had no idea what was going to happen. I had no idea what twists and turns were coming as the video loaded. I had no idea what he was going to discover in that darkness that lay before him.

I guess, part of that unknownness (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word, but I like it!) is what is so appealing about this blog. I’m not really sure what we will write about over the years. We have some plans but also some unknowns. I’m not really sure who will be writing and contributing to it. I know it won’t just be me but I don’t know exactly who will become part of the team, who will become regulars and who will be just one off bloggers. I don't know who will read these posts. I don’t fully know what purpose the blog will take as we move forward. It is kind of like the darkness that opens up before Nery.

Perhaps in our case though it’s not a darkness. Perhaps it’s a light. As I said, I don’t know what we will talk about in this blog but it will be full of Jesus and Jesusy (again, not sure that’s a proper word) things; so, it will be beautiful. We will dive into that beauty. We will dive into that unknown expanse before us. We will dive into that which will captivate us.

It will hopefully be a place where we can continue conversations that start on our services. Or perhaps it will be a place where we start the conversations and continue them on our Sundays together. It will hopefully be a place where we dig a little deeper; a place where we explore a little further. It will perhaps be a place where the conversations we have at the various groups connected to the Rock get to be shared with one another. Hopefully it will be a place where friends and family (both real and electronic) get to take part in the conversation. Hopefully it becomes a place where we get to stop and pause and think and process and dream and wonder and cry and laugh and smile and embrace and fall deeper and deeper and deeper in love with Jesus. Maybe that’s a good place for us to stop. Jesus. For, while this blog is hosted on the Rock’s website, it’s not really about the Rock. It’s really about God.

So, for now, let us pray

“God, this blog is Yours. We mean that. Let this be more about You than it is about us. Let us be captivated by You and Your kingdom. Let it be a place where we can be part of what You are up to in our world. Let it be a place where we find You.”

*Guillame Nery's video is from his youtube channel which can be found by clicking here.

This blog post was brought to you by....Oli Higham

Oli Higham is part of the leadership team at the Rock Community Church. He finds it hard to sum himself up in a few sentences. However he loves Jesus and is also rather fond of his family, films, coffee, rugby, Arsenal FC, poetry, spray paint, beards, cooking and laughing.

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