Last year we got to run a full Christmas Festival and loved hanging out with you all across a range of events.  Due to Covid restrictions we can't run most of these events this year so we've created a couple of give away packs.  We're also aware that Covid-19 is creating all sorts of challenges.  We wanted to do something simple to make life a little more fun for kids in Brucehill, Westcliff and Castlehill.  You will need to live on one of the streets below to be able to receive a pack.

We have 2 packs available

1. Christmas Craft Pack. This one is aimed at primary school kids and will include 4 different craft activities and the supplies you need to make them. 

2. Preschool Story Pack. This one is aimed at preschool kids and will contain 3 Christmas story books, some nativity themed stickers and some Christmas stampers.

To claim one of the packs fill out the form and, while we still have packs available, we'll get one to your wee one. Unfortunately, when we run out we run out. So, claim your pack as soon as possible.  If you have more than one child please fill out the form for each child.

We will deliver the packs to you as soon as we can while following Covid-19 safeguards.   


Arran Avenue,  Ardoch Crescent, Ashton View, Blackburn Crescent, Bontine Avenue, Brucehill Road, Caledonian Terrace, Cardross Road, 

Carrick Terrace, Castlebrae, Castlehill Quadrant, Castlehill Road, Cumbrae Crescent North, Cumbrae Crescent South, Firthview Terrace, 

Glencairn Road, Graham Road, Hawthorn Avenue, Hawthornhill Road, Havoc Road, Hazel Avenue, Hill Street Square, Holly Drive,

Keil Crescent, Kingsway, Knowetop Crescent, Kyle Terrace, Maple Avenue, Napier Crescent, Perray Avenue, Quarry Knowe, Quarry Place, 

Rathlin Terrace, Rowan Avenue, Sunderland Avenue, Talisman Avenue, Waverley Terrace, Westcliff, Westfield.

Rock Community Church is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Our Scottish Charity Number is SC042716