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Internationally, Grassroots runs sponsorship programmes in India, Kenya (in Theta and Ruiru), Romania and Tanzania. People pay between £3.50 and £20 a month to sponsor a child, which provides (depending on the project) food, education, medical care, and accommodation.
In addition to this, Grassroots runs a drop-in centre in Tenerife called The Living Room. Run by local Christians, The Living Room provides a safe place to talk, relax and provides a lifeline to those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The team run the centre during the day and spend their nights visiting club workers.
In the UK, Grassroots runs Orison, a prayer spaces in schools initiative that visits Primary and Secondary schools to encourage children and young people to think about what they believe about prayer.
Other Projects
Grassroots also provides a legal and logistical framework to several other charitable projects working internationally and throughout the UK. Hope and song for Freedom works with women prisoners in Peru; FISCH is a quality programme serving street children in Iringa Tanzania; LUNCH sets up feeding schemes for children in the UK who go hungry during the school holidays when free school meals finish; and we have links with projects in Peru, Sudan, the Arab world, Malawi and Burma.


To find out more speak to: Andy Myall


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