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Core Values

We believe in God, Creator and Father. We give allegiance to His Son, Jesus Christ, who was born of the Virgin Mary and was God in human flesh. Who was crucified and who rose again from the dead. Through whose death and resurrection we have salvation, the forgiveness of sins.


We rejoice in the new life and power that comes to us by God the Holy Spirit, who with the Father and the Son are a Trinity; and through whom we are able to live fruitful lives, and receive spiritual gifts, given for the well-being of the church.


We believe in and use the Bible as our only authority and as an inspiration and guide for our corporate and individual lives. Our church structures are based on relationships, not on buildings or religious formality and tradition. We do not have formal membership, but consider all those who give themselves to the Rock Community Church in commitment and service are ‘members of one another’. (Ephesians Ch4 v25 RSV translation)


We understand that radical discipleship is the calling of all believers; and so we seek the Lordship of Christ in our personal lives, our families, our church and our public activities.


Our desire is to see the Kingdom of God come in our communities; and so we will live our lives and speak our message in such a way as to see this happen, that others might understand the message of God’s love for them, and come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord.


Our commitment then is to one another, and is expressed in the fostering of mutual support, practical friendship and relationships through which the life of Christ can flow by the Holy Spirit.


We believe in, and practice the ‘priesthood’ and ministry of all believers, male and female, young and old; and so we encourage the church to pray for one another, for their community and for the world, to exercise their gifting, and to engage in whatever aspect of church life this may lead to.


We are part of the universal Church of Jesus Christ that congregates and worships in many different ways; and so we give ourselves to fostering good relationships with other church communities, working with Christians of different denominations for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

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