Church Life

For us church is much much more than just Sunday morning services. We believe that following God involves our whole life. We do this in our day to day lives in the various communities we find ourselves in. It also means that we meet outside of Sunday mornings aswell in various forms.  

We believe strongly that God has given us different gifts and different abilities aswell as different ways of learning about Him and different ways of engaging with Him and knowing Him more.  Therfore, we look to develop different spaces where we can both encounter God ourselves and also create space where others can encounter Him too. 

This page is not an exhaustive list but it includes some of the activties, groups and communities which form the life of the Rock as we meet together.

House Groups

Contact: Howard Nicolson

At the Rock, house groups are an integral part of how we live out church.  We believe they are the place where community and discipleship can happen most effectively.  We would encourage everyone to get involved in one of the house groups.  

We recognise that different people are looking for different things.  So, we try and offer a variety of house groups that people can access. Many of the house groups have a geographical area attached t them.  This is purely where they are held.  You are welcome to be part of a group even if you live elsewhere.

Here are the house groups currently running

Renton House Group (Led by Howard and Fiona Nicholson)
This house group meets for fellowship and Bible study each week.  They are also interested in putting their faith into action through events such as litter picks in the local area.
Tuesdays at 7:45pm, Nicholson's House


Dumbarton House Group (Led by Oli and Aliona Higham)
The Dumbarton Housegroup is a weekly housegroup with the aim to grow as disciples of Jesus.  We meet earlier to allow those with children the ability to be part of a group.

Wednesdays at 6:30-8:00ish, rotating between various houses


Helensburgh House Group (Led by Mel and Murray Hanvey)

We meet for fellowship, prayer and chat each week. We're seeking to deepen, and develop our faith. All welcome!!

Wednesdays at 7:45, Hanvey's House


Rock Salt Collective (Arts House Group) (Led by Oli Higham and Karen and Robert Ross)

We meet to explore spiritual life through the arts.  We are a group of diverse artists working in different mediums from textiles to poetry to painting to photography to scrapbooking to songwriting.  All are welcome (even if you don't consider yourself an artist.) We meet every second tuesday.

Every Second Tuesday at 7:00, Costa Coffee


Old Kilpatrick House Group (Led by Patricia and Alistair Macindoe)

An evening of growing together seeking God and delving into His word. Great community built around a great God! 

Thursdays, 7:30

Dumbarton Churches Together

Contact: Alistair and Maureen McDougall

We believe in unity across the congregations locally. We invest our time in the work of Dumbarton Churches Together and the work they do in promoting unity among the churches of Dumbarton and also supporting the work they do in loving our town in various ways.

Bible In A Year (BIAY)

Contact: Gill Brydon

We are captivated by this ancient book which remains so alive to us today.  A group of us set out to read the whole book in a year.  Some of us managed it and some didn't but we all fell in love with this book again. The group is still called Bible In A Year but we're taking it a little slower, reading 3 or 4 books of the Bible over the month and then meeting to discuss some of the beauty and mystery of this mindblowing book. 


Contact: Emma McPherson

Connect is for all our lovely ladies!  It's a time for tea, cake and a good old blether!  Connect is held every quarter and it is open to the ladies of the Rock and friends!  It's a chance to catch up with old friends and make a few new ones.  We believe that stronger bonds are formed through building relationships and what better way to get to know someone over a cup of coffee and cake! Go to our calendar to get dates and times.

Reel Faith

Contact: Oli Higham

Reel Faith is about exploring faith through the movies.  We spend some time watching a movie and then unpacking some of the themes of God's big story hidden within the movie's story. We often enjoy a bit of food while we watch and chat too.

Supporting Schools

Contact: Oli Higham

We want to be good news to our community and this includes the young people locally too. We are involved in chaplaincy at Dumbarton Academy and also in supporting some other bits and pieces in some local primaries too. 

Social Events

Contact: Karen Ross

It might sound strange but we quite like each other. Hanging out with one another is always good fun. We want to be deliberate about spending time in community and getting to know each other  bt deeper than just a quick chat over some (excellent) coffee after a Sundya morning.  We, therefore, put on some social events throughout the year that we can all get together for. This includes everything from ceilidhs to walks in the park to BBQs at Loch Lomond to games evenings.

Justice Group

Contact: Levette Calendar

The justice group exists because we believe God cares about the world we live in.  We believe it is part of the calling of the church to be people who live justly and who call justice into our world.  The group have been active in the Rock becoming a fairtrade church and providing insight and support to us as a body on the topic of justice.


Waiting on God

Contact: Alan and Coralie Thwaites

Waiting on God is fairly straight forward. Its just about waiting on God.  We meet and seek God. We believe in a God who interacts with us and wants to build us up. We meet and spend some time worshipping, praying and seeking God. We try and have these nights every 2 or 3 months, so check out the calendar if you want to join us. 

Deeper Theology Nights

Contact: Alistair Macindoe

Sometimes we have questions that baffle us and we could do with some time and space to work through them.  We want to provide a place where these questions can be discussed.

Deeper is a night that happens periodically throughout the year where difficult questions can be proposed and those are interested can meet together and grapple with the theology surrounding these dilemmas.  These nights are designed to be places where honest and open conversation can take place. 

Dads! Dads! Dads!

Contact: Oli Higham

The Old testament prophet Malachi spoke about God turning the hearts of fathers to their children. We think being a parent is a tough job and sometimes we need a bit of support. Dads! Dads! Dads! is about getting some dads together with their kids and doing something fun together.  They are informal times and welcome to any dads who want to give their better halves some time off and enjoy some brotherly company while we look after our kids.

Worship Circle

Contact: Patricia Macindoe

The worship circle is a space for musicians, singers and worshippers to come together and worship.  The group meet together with no real agenda or plan beyond just being together and giving God praise.  The group is open to anyone who would like to join in.  There is no expected level of skill or ability just a heart for loving Him.


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